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"192.168.l.l" or "" ip adress using for access the router admin panel. In old modem types a software program was installed to the computer for internet connection. But this process was hard to use and had many connection risks. As a result modem producer companies improved a new process. They have begun to install software to the device for remote control. Nowadays nearly all of them use this new process. is an address that provides you to access to the command panel of your modem device. If there is also another connection separated from internet connection between modem device and your computer, you needn’t have to have internet to reach the command panel of your device.


It is quite easy to gain access to the modem over this IP. The only thing you need to do is just pasting the address or click here. into your browser's address bar or typing it manually. Or there is a link button in our website to do that. However, you must enter a user name and password for the admin panel. Without this information it is not possible to provide access. If you lost your password, you need to reset your device. The reset button is at the back panel of the device, and switching with a pointed thing for 20 minutes will be enough for that.
192.168.l.l  White TP-Link Router for ip address login

WHAT Can I do with This IP 192.168.l.1 ?

As mentioned 192.168.l.1 IP address gives access to the device literally. Here you can log in to the admin panel. Through this address you can easily fix or modify settings allowed by the router software. With user ID and password you can do that from other internet connections, too. After entering 19216811 have ADSL, Proxy, DNS, WPS, LAN, WAN, PPPoE Connection, DSL, WLAN, DHCP, MAC, DSL Blocking, SPI Firewall Setup, Different Security Options, Virtual Server, Port Triggering, UPnP, Subnet Mask, Bandwidth Control, IP & MAC Binding, Parental Control Virtual Routing, Network Settings, Factory Defaults, Backup & Restore, System Log Views, Firmware Upgrade and other similar settings are available to adjust.

if you forget your password by default, The Solution is here

The answer is quite simple. The only thing you need to do is to reset the modem to reset your device. All modems lower parts of the back parts of or located a hidden reset button. When your modem is turned on the button with a toothpick when you hold down a for about 20 seconds, the device returns to the factory settings. Note: when you reset the internet settings will be reset to available, however, if your connection is broken. Knowledgeable on this subject, we recommend you to someone for help.

Which producers are using this address?

The answer: 192.168.O.1.1 Asus, TP-link, Netgear, Linksys, Huwaei, ZTE, D-link, Türk Telekom, Superonline and more.
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