What is my IP Address ?

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What is an IP Address ?

IP address (Internet Protocol Address) is the address used by devices connected to other packet switched networks using the Internet or TCP / IP protocol to exchange data with each other over the network.

Every computer that connects to the Internet is assigned an IP address by the Internet Service Provider, and other computers on the Internet reach that address on that computer. Even if two different devices with IP addresses are not on the same network, they can communicate with each other through routers.

IP addresses are now 32-bits in length for IPv4, which is widely used, and are represented by 4 8-bit numbers separated by dots. For example: An internet page can also be connected to the server by typing the IP address. However, since writing these numbers is impractical, a domain name system corresponding to the IP address is used. A hierarchical system of Domain Name Servers (DNS-Domain Name System), also found in Internet service providers, maps information about which domain name corresponds to which IP address and directs users to the correct addresses.

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