QuickLink Mobile Makes the Cell Laptop Connection

If you connect your cell phone to your laptop or PDA to get online, chances are you're using Smith Micro Software's QuickLink Mobile. It's the most popular data connectivity solution in the industry, and comes in versions for literally scores of cell phones and service providers, on both PC and Mac platforms.

This week the company unveiled a new version that adds support for new handsets and wireless PC cards, such as the Sony Ericcson GC82 EDGE card, as well as a revamped interface that helps with managing multiple accounts and connection options.

QuickLink Mobile makes it possible to access email, surf the Web and log onto corporate intranets using both cellular and Wi-Fi accounts. CDMA, 1xRTT, EV-DO, GSM, GPRS and EDGE networks are all supported, through PC Card, serial, USB, infrared and Bluetooth connections. Just log onto the SmithMicro.com site to see if your particular handset and platform combination is supported. Prices range from $49.95 (Mac) to $59.95 (PC).

The company also demonstrated its QuickLink Mobile Phonebook software for Windows, which lets you archive and edit your mobile phone book on your PC, then upload it back to the same or a different handset. It's a great way to get address books from one phone to another, and also supports data transfers from popular email and contact management software like Outlook, ACT and Goldmine.

Motorola V710
Never miss an important photo again, just because you left your camera at home! Motorola's latest CDMA handset fuses work and play, featuring both Bluetooth for wireless PC connections, and megapixel photo and video capture. You can capture video clips up to 3 minutes long, and then send them to friends and family. The V710 has 16MB of internal memory, upgradable to 128MB with removable TransFlash modules.

ViewSonic V1250S Tablet PC
ViewSonic has been a pioneer in both Tablet PC development and Wi-Fi, and is now shipping the first Wi-Fi G-enabled Tablet, the V1250S. It includes Intel's new battery-saving Pro/Wireless 2200BG Centrino technology, and has a unique swivel top that lets you use the tablet in several orientations. It is available now starting at $1,895.

MicroOptical BV-1 Binocular Video Viewer
Need hands-free viewing of what's on your cell or laptop screen? The MicroOptical BV-1 projects quarter-VGA video in front of both eyes at 60 frames per second. It weighs only 58 grams, connects to standard RCA video inputs, and has optional audio speakers. MicroOptical also makes several other video headsets, up to full VGA resolution.