Linksys Router Setup Guide

Linksys router setup is very easy for you, even without much knowledge about the computer and internet.

Linksys is a famous brand of Cisco. It has been the most popular home router brand all over the world. Linksys now provides different kinds of router including wireless router, DSL router, and cable router. All these routers have a similar setup wizard to help you to complete the setup process.

Now I will walk you through how to setup a Linksys router.

First of all, you need to connect the hardware and the cables.

Q: there are so many ports on my router, which is the right one?

A: The right one may be on the left side or the right side, but you may always identify it by looking for the WAN port.

Q: How should I connect my computer? Which port should I use?

A: Any port marked as LAN should be OK.

Now let’s start to config the Linksys router following the setup wizard. Make sure that you have turned the power on for both the router, modem and the computer.

Open your web browser and enter the following URL in the address bar:

Q: What is this URL?

A: This is the default address of your router, and you will need to config it via a small website hosted inside it.

Enter the default user name (blank) and password (admin) to login. This is very different from

Find the “Internet Connection Type” option and change it to “PPPoE”.

Fill in you username and password provided by you ISP.

Click “Save Settings” button.

Wait for 10 seconds and click “Status”, and you should find the status has been changed to “Connected”. Otherwise, click connect button.