Both internet connection and modem device connection has their own sign on the computer screen, and it is not important connection type wired or wireless. Because the frequency between the computer and modem connections are independent from the Internet connection. This connection is provided through the IP address of 192.168.l.254. Modem producer network companies place a software program that allows controlling internet connection to the modem devices. By the guidance of this router software you can make changes and fixings if you come across to internet failures.


As mentioned above, the ip code provides accessing by the router software to the command panel of your modem device. You can change and fix the settings that router software’s extents. After accessing the command panel, you can adjust Proxy, Network Management, DNS, WLAN, LAN, WAN, NAT, Virtual Server, IP Qos, DMZ, and Security Settings, MAC blocking, DHCP Client, and likewise processes in shorter time. Of course you can get some help from the modem provider company by help line.


It is quite easy to reach the modem administration panel. To do this, simply enter the address or click here.. You can reach to the user interface of your modem just copying pasting or writing it to the address bar of your internet browser. The password for accessing to the command panel is different from the password for internet connection (WiFi). The true one is given to you while internet installation. You can access your modem settings via the browser by entering the router's user name and password. If you haven’t noted or remember your password, don’t make over and over tries, because you may cause the command panel blocking. Instead, you need to reset the modem device by switching the reset button which is small button located at the back panel of the device.

Which producers are using this address?

The answer: TELMEX, aztech, Billion, Gigabyte, Motorola, Netopia, SparkLAN, 2Wire, Thomson, Westell
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