192.168.l.l Linksys Router Setup Easy

Recently, many friends asked questions about Linksys router setup, so I decided to share my experience on Linksys router setup.

The most common models from Linksys are

There are also some AP models from Linksys,

The default username of Linksys routers is blank and the default password is admin.

I have an ADSL modem and a Linksys router, how can I connect to the internet?

Connect the hardware correctly

ADSL modem –> Linksys wireless router –> Your Computer (PC ,Mac,IPAD,etc)

Note, you should plug the cable from modem into the wan port of your Linksys router during the setup.

Power on the ADSL modem and the router

Turn on your computer and launch the browser, you may use IE, Firefox, connect to then press enter

Fill the default username and password of Linksys router, and the setup wizard will appear.

Select PPPOE from the combobox, and then enter the ADSL username (you can get it from your ISP) and password. At the bottom of the page, you will need to fill in the DNS server. I highly recommend you use and which are provide by Google.

Finally click save settings button.

Your setup for the Linksys router is done! Enjoy surfing on the Internet!