The ip address basic login panel for a lot of router. Many modem producer network companies install a software to the modem for managing it. By the IP code you can use this software. The modem that you use for the internet should be independently connected to your computer, too. You can use this independent connection, even, you haven’t got an internet, and your line will be enough. This IP address provides you to reach to the command panel of your modem device to adjust the inputs and modify the connection.


As noted above, you can access to the command panel of your device with full authorization. You can reach the command panel by using IP code. By using this code, you run the router program in your modem device, and it will guide you to modify the command panel inputs. Nowadays, modem manufacturers prefer to install this kind of IP accessed software to the device rather installing to the computer. Entering this IP address provides you to modify or fix, Security Options, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, DSL, WLAN, DHCP, ADSL, MAC, WPS, DSL Blocking, Virtual Server, Virtual Router, and many similar settings.

How Can I Access the IP?

This address is very easy to gain access to via the administration panel. To do that you can use (or click here.) ip address, just copy paste it or type it manually to your browser’s address bar. There is also an entering link button in our website, if you want. Connection between the computer and modem are independent of the ADSL connection. Therefore you can use this ip code even there is no internet connection. Just that, you have to know or have the user ID and password. The process is simply writing or copying and pasting manually the ip address to your internet browser’s address bar or clicking to the access button from our website. If you forget your user ID or password, you need to follow the instruction below.

Which brands are using this IP?

The answer: TP-Link, Cisco, Airties, Netgear and other
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