The ip provide full access to your modem and will allow you to have full authority over device. There are so many web addresses which are used for accessing to the modem device. This address is coded to the modem device under production phase. Developer companies install an updated software in order to provide access to devices within a short time. The aim of this software is accessing to the modem device if there occurs a problem for internet connection. However, this IP address provides checking and modifying network and modem device settings.


What to be done for entering this ip address, and accessing to the administration panel is very easy. Entering the address will be enough by using your internet browser. Just copy paste or write it manually to the address bar. However, there are some things you need to pay attention after providing access. When you access the address the system will ask user name and password from you. If you use wrong password or username, you will not be able to access the system even your data might be blocked when wrong data repeated. Because of this, it is better to note your data before use it. But, if you have forget your data, just switch the reset button on the modem device.


As mentioned before, the aim of this IP is accessing to the device every time. When you enter this IP address of your device, you will have full access to all electronic network. However, it is also possible to make changes if you are connecting from the computer which internet connection set up. Router software on your device will offer a variety of options and features and the necessary settings within you can perform and repair them. It is possible to access the administration panel of your modem. You can perform several basic settings via the IP address. PROXY, DNS, WLAN, Network Management, WAN, NAT, Virtual Server, Virtual Routing, DMZ, IP Qos, Different Security Options, WPS, ADSL, DLS, MAC, DHCP and MAC, blocking and the other adjustments like those can be done with this IP address.

Which producers are using this address?

The answer: Cisco, Linksys, Xfinity by Comcast, Technicolor SA
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